4 Twitter Rules that attract more Likes you should know about

For most people, building a twitter account to attract more than 100 followers was about trial and error. It was about watching and learning what gets popular people many twitter likes with their posts. Fortunately for you, here are some rules that can guarantee you more attention and followers even though you might not be a popular person. To start with, know that the use of hash tags is an art. You don’t just pick any of them, and neither can you use too many of them.

On the other hand, share quality posts, but be consistent at it. Don’t bombard your followers with very many tweets, or your twitter likes could start to dwindle down soon. If you are a company on the other hand, always use the first person plural. And note, don’t push your brand to the people. First entertain and inform them, ask them to buy your products later. When it comes to engagement with your twitter panel, answer their queries as soon as you can, and also ensure that you appreciate those who share and like your posts.